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Improvisation #1: A dream about a cloud missing from the sky

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Book Piece # 2: Purity of Heart

Attain a copy of Kierkegaard’s┬áPurity of Heart Choose a favourite passage from the book with the word “eternal” inside With an eraser, remove the word “eternal” Everyday thereafter, faithfully check that passage in the book to see if the word returns.

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If I were an ancient alien civilisation whose homeworld faced complete destruction through some cataclysm, I would have the best scientists invent a technology to recreate the civilisation on a distant planet. They would devise a method by which all the instructions of how to rebuild their civilisation… a vast, infinitely compressed archive of their […]

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A couple more haikus for a rainy day

Childhood, Boyhood, Youth The Origin of Species Man’s Search for Himself Purity of Heart The Quest of the Holy Grail Man’s Search for Himself

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